Conservation Heroes: COVID Relief Project


Protect wildlife and wilderness areas from increased poaching threats. This is especially important for criminal poaching syndicates looking to capitalise on reduced law enforcement and tourism presence.

Meet the basic food needs – being our staff as well as their wider communities of people who have lost their tourism-related livelihoods. Addressing this need also reduces the likelihood of ordinary people resorting to poaching wildlife for food.


Help increase our wildlife monitoring and anti-poaching capacity
• US 5,000 funds an anti-poaching/concession monitoring team for a month

Help provide nutritional support to people in need
• US 50 provides basic food for a family of four for a month

*Any donation, big or small, will have a tremendous positive impact on Africa’s wildlife and communities.

To support this initiative, make a donation to our non-profit partner, The Wilderness Wildlife Trust, via these two channels:

US Donors
Donations via our 501(c)(3) fiscal sponsor, Empowers Africa, are tax-deductible in the US
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Non-US Donors
Non-US donors (and US donors not requiring tax deductions) can wire directly to the Trust in Botswana.
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The IMPACT of COVID-19 in Africa has been profound – particularly on wildlife conservation and rural communities dependent on tourism.

• Increase in poaching activity and related bushmeat trade as alternate income and food source
• Much of the goodwill and support for sustainable wildlife ecotourism built over decades is under threat
• Loss of tourism lease income for community land-owners may result in conversion of wildlife land to subsistence agriculture

• Rapid and widespread rise in food insecurity
• Loss of income from tourism through industry-wide salary reductions, retrenchments and small business closures